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  1. bixbite testimony
  2. The Salvation of the Almighty
  3. An Unbelievable Story - My Story - By Donna
  4. My New Life Experience and Testimony of Faith
  5. Open to the Gospel, Not Religion
  6. Watch this awesome video and be blessed!
  7. Healing from Depression/VA's Reaction
  8. Vicki's testimony..
  9. The Eastern Sky
  10. What wisteria means to me
  11. MyTestimony
  12. Testimony (Short)
  13. how God awakened me
  14. Nick Vujicic : No arms, no legs , no worries
  15. Simply Amazing!!!
  16. The Fire of the Lord!
  17. Relative Healed of Prostate Cancer
  18. Holy and Annointed One
  19. One Accord
  20. More Healings & Salvation
  21. Healing of a cyst
  22. The Piano
  23. My testimony and a call to stand on the name of Jesus
  24. My testimony...
  25. A time when I thought I was going to die
  26. How my babies came to be my babies
  27. Born Again!!!!!
  28. Daughter's Dream
  29. lost keys fished by the Lord
  30. Serbian Abortionist Who Aborted 48,000 Babies Becomes Pro-Life Activist
  31. burn baby burn, NOT
  32. My conversion
  33. PRAISE REPORT and a new car!
  34. Faith of a Child
  35. My testimony...
  36. A Peculiar and Unique Thing Happened...
  37. " My peace for you "
  38. Sharing My Trials and Blessings
  39. God Moves In Local Homeless Shelter
  40. God knew I needed this
  41. My Testimony – Overcoming.
  42. Everlasting
  43. The Dangers of Automatic Writing
  44. Your Ministry Is To Do My Will...
  45. Living Epistles-Joseph Herrin
  46. I Got Off At George St.
  47. When we are weak...Then we are strong!!!
  48. My Testimony
  49. My Testimony
  50. Through the storm
  51. Jesus is a Wonderful Healer!!!
  52. Walking Miracle Testimony of BROTHERART7
  53. God is so good to me...
  54. Thank-you all who were fasting and praying yesterday
  55. Water Baptism Experience
  56. Overcoming 12year addiction to marijuana
  57. Question on Tithes
  58. From Abuse to A new Creature! My GREAT testimony- Part 1
  59. Part 2- My Great Testimony
  60. The Power of Forgiveness
  61. Husbands, have you prayed for your wife today?
  62. About self and Jesus
  63. History of te Marvarian church
  64. The Lord has save my life at least seven times
  65. Local News Anchor -- Thanksgiving Miracle
  66. What Yeshua Has Done For Me
  67. Pruning 101
  68. Praise God for Everything
  69. The Power of Unity in Prayer
  70. 666th Post
  71. Testimony of God working on my husband Jon....
  72. Alien - Fallen angel/demon connection
  73. We need to be prepared to be persecuted
  74. Storms and Dancing
  75. Guided Home
  76. Our God Is an Awesome God
  77. ALL THINGS Are Possible to Those who Believe!
  78. My Father
  79. Still small voice, the snow and my driveway
  80. My Testimony
  81. 911 Holy Spirit Alert
  82. Healing
  83. Healing No 2
  84. Healing No 3
  85. I no longer have the flu!
  86. Just had to share...we lived out James 5 last night!
  87. A bible for the Imam's daughter
  88. Friend Delivered from Anxiety
  89. Miracle Healing?
  90. Testimony and apology to WC
  91. The skillet and the sword
  92. Home Invasion
  93. Jesus Christ brought me face down to the ground in repentance of my sins.
  94. my prayer answered like that
  95. I was pronounced dead by the county coroner...
  96. Car Incident
  97. Testimony of an AWESOME GOD: Chastening, Love, Healing
  98. Oppresive spirit
  99. continuation::oppresive spirit
  100. You have GOT To see this!
  101. Last night
  102. A word I needed to hear today
  103. God with me through the storms!
  104. My testimony of growth
  105. 3rd Highest Santa Ria Satanist gets Saved!
  106. Part two of my testimony.
  107. Why am I so unlucky?
  108. May God Be Glorified!!!
  109. The smelly barn cat
  110. I was Broken and jesus showed me He was right next to me.
  111. I think I finally figured it out...
  112. Former false converts
  113. Wonderful blessing from the Lord
  114. How I first met my Lord
  115. It is Well with My Soul
  116. The Prodigal Daughter.....
  117. Knight testimony
  118. The Lord moved on this Canada Day in Supernatural Power!
  119. Testimony of C O Alexander
  120. Happy Happy Joy Joy
  121. A BIG small Miracle Today...
  122. His Mysterious Ways....
  123. I am in awe!!!!
  124. Let Another Man Praise You
  125. Praise report.
  126. Praise report post relocation from New Orleans.
  127. Speaking in tongues and other experiences
  128. Husband has another job.
  129. Enemy tries to TD Jakes
  130. God blessed me with $400.00!
  131. I believe I was attacked today.
  132. My AMAZING Testimony (just 1 for now)
  133. When It Hurts To Hurt - My Testimony
  134. Idolatry
  135. My testimony-I Survived Childhood Torture
  136. Hell on earth: Benzodiazepine stories
  137. Saved from death (with pics)
  138. Part 2, I Survived Childhood Torture
  139. The Day God Showed Me Some Things
  140. Part 3 & conclusion, I Survived Childhood Torture
  141. An Enemy In My Own Mind
  142. Jesus Took My Burden!
  143. Glorified in Hollywood
  144. Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's signs!!
  145. Hearing the voice of the Lord
  146. My testimony and walk of faith
  147. Honey, Do You Love Me ?
  148. He will never leave you nor forsake you
  149. He will never leave you nor forsake you pt 2
  150. Dead Man Walkin’ and Talkin’
  151. My testimony backwards
  152. Praise The Lord Jesus
  153. The Unbearable Burden
  154. Walking through Fire
  155. I will now attempt to share what we've experienced in the past 10 days
  156. The Lord, My Deliverer!
  157. Bought my wife...
  158. Meeting jesus
  159. Bad can turn to good!
  160. Just stomp it!!
  161. i made an about face
  162. The grace to forgive.
  163. God provided a home for us
  164. More blessings, just want to give God the praise!
  165. Coming Into The Kingdom Of God...
  166. 'God deserves everything'
  167. Spider bite!!!
  168. Angelic encounter - perhaps?
  169. Learning
  170. Held by Jesus
  171. Revival
  172. The Harvest is Ripe
  173. Attacked by Gang for preaching
  174. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee
  175. Let the dead bury their own dead
  176. Radiation over US helps turn grace, grace christian to deeper walk with God
  177. He is our Father God and he Cares for us
  178. God cares about the little details
  179. Healed!
  180. Lesson's
  181. Broke to $2,000 dollars
  182. Former Dawkins Atheist Praises God
  183. Just wanted to share this testimony...
  184. God is amazing
  185. My testimony....from the beginning
  186. Victory over depression
  187. My testimony
  188. Draggin's Testimony
  189. A Sisters Journey
  190. Six Years Ago Today ...
  191. 19 years ago today. Praise God!
  192. A million thanks to you!! If I could somehow thank you.....
  193. Tours of Duty
  194. Watch and Listen - 30 Second Video
  195. We got some firewood last night.
  196. Thank the Lord, He has moved us.
  197. Lazarus RoseAgain
  198. Rain!!
  199. Testimony from Jason & Kristi Burton
  200. Faith
  201. Answered prayer: hope and thyroid
  202. Hawk
  203. Healing and Love
  204. Christmas Gift
  205. A short testimony
  206. The Prodigal Son Speaks...from North Dakota
  207. God and my stolen car...
  208. A very strange week, conviction and victory
  209. Mickey Robinson, died and comes back.
  210. Alabastrons
  211. My Mother's Passing - God's Grace is Sufficient
  212. Deliverance from Suicidal Spirit
  213. Someone needs to read this ....
  214. Praise the lord!
  215. Satanist testimony of founding christ
  216. a surprise blessing
  217. A Pearl: a jewel in My Testimony
  218. Healing: I am so thankful!
  219. For whomever may thirst....drink freely
  220. just wondering.....
  221. A ray of hope....
  222. Lady Runs Red Light At 60 MPH
  223. God's Perfect Timing
  224. Tire went out.
  225. Sharlene Clark Testimony of Deliverance from Childhood Abuse
  226. Time for my testimony.
  227. Cool testimony of Divine PROVISION
  228. update/praise report
  229. evangelist in America
  230. Glory to God!
  231. the Lord sent an Angel to save my life
  232. Given a new identity and a sound mind
  233. 09-01-13
  234. Suprise!
  235. Spirit of rejection and anger
  236. 23 years with my husband...on the tenth
  237. Twenty-four years in the making
  238. Gay editor becomes Christian marries girl friend
  239. The Lord's Love For Us Is Amazing!
  240. Follow My Son
  241. His Grace Saved Me
  242. continuing in faith
  243. How Oxnard found Christ
  244. The Keith Green Story
  245. Just a praise and thank you!
  246. Glory to God!
  247. Four Winds
  248. Bible camp
  249. Thank you Jesus.
  250. A Homeschool Blessing