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  1. witchcraft prayers
  2. The Dangerous Cults of Mormonism and Preterism
  3. Warning about the Maitreya!
  4. What is the NAR? It's Five Fold Ministry ELITISM (part 1)
  5. I Had Requests for this Thread
  6. Peculiar People
  7. Further Information Regarding Dominists' Teachings
  8. Roman Cathlic Church
  9. Bill hamon’s strongholds of the end time delusion
  10. MORE NAR CULT: A Testimony from Rick Joyner's Church
  11. John Hagee's end time delusion
  12. Todd Bentley Update
  13. Rick Joyner, The Apostle Paul & The AntiChrist
  14. great article
  15. Does anyone know who this woman is -Rev. Susan Cummings is she ok
  16. False teachings of the early church "fathers"
  17. Nagging question about lakeland exposure
  18. Questions About Spiritual Abuse
  19. Pathetic Prophetic Accountability
  20. David Eells
  21. Another Tragic “Prophetic” Drive-by
  22. False teachings in the last days
  23. Universalism
  24. Anyone know about this guy Sid Roth.? seems some of the other ministries he promotes
  25. Lee Grady's Article and Rick Joyner's Response
  26. Concerning Obama's commercial
  27. DuDual Covenant Heresy:More End-Time Deception
  28. Spiritual Formation Movement
  29. Rick Warren regrets supporting Prop.8
  30. Billy Graham's end time delusion
  31. another son of perdition
  32. Barack Hussein Obama
  33. G 12
  34. Churches that abuse
  35. Wayne Jacobsen resonates with Contemplative and Emerging Writers
  36. John Lennon made pact with Satan, says new book
  37. Not apostate enough ?
  38. A perfect example of....
  39. I felt led.....
  40. Gold Dust 1
  41. The third temple
  42. The Hour of Temptation/fall of Babylon
  43. Zionism Delusion
  44. Daniel 8 Expounding
  45. Which Jerusalem?
  46. which city will be trodden?
  47. Is manchild teaching part of the NAR
  48. Has Your Heart Been Captured By The Cross
  49. Mockers and scoffers in the last days.
  50. Stitches - "Antichrist" Music, Strange shirts. (Very prophetic)
  51. Key Biblical Principals to Recognize False Teachers cont.
  52. the one sign of Appostacy
  53. God is not interested in Consensus
  54. Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  55. Reflection or True Light
  56. Super Barack Obama Man
  57. Cutting down the olive tree
  58. Locked - Is The Hebraic Roots Movement wrong?? A heartfelt Concern - From Nathan
  59. he Jewish Wedding and the Rapture
  60. Glossary of terms used by the Hebrew Roots Movement
  61. Yahshua, Yehoshua, Y'shua, Yeshua, Iesous, Iesus Or Jesus
  62. Rick Warren, yoked with Islam?
  63. So What do I do? - I'm tired of the Fighting!!!
  64. Rightly Dividing the Word of God
  65. How to Keep from Getting Spiritually Weird
  66. Maitreya From The West
  67. TBN Now Promoting Another False Prophet
  68. Religions: The Occult Connection
  69. Please check this out
  70. 666 11 July 2009
  71. False Ministers, False Brethren
  72. Witchcraft Mania
  73. Catholic Pope (Harry Potter Fan)
  74. Tim Lahaye a mason or is it coincidence?
  75. NAR DOMINIONISM: the rise of Christian Imperialism
  76. The
  77. Do You Have Itching Ears?
  78. Confusion on spiritual warfare: The ineffective prayers of nar-infected charismatics
  79. End Time News
  80. So, does pretty much everyone here consider once saved/always saved a heresy?
  81. Prosperity gospel
  82. So - What is "Heresy" ?
  83. Mind Control in Christianity today
  84. Jim Bakker renouncing prosperity gospel
  85. http://www.the-tribulation-network.com/denemcgriff/Apostasy/recognizing_deception_and
  86. UFOs and the Bible in prophecy
  87. NAR - Chuck Pierce and Sound
  88. The Man Behind C.I. Scofield's Theory of the Pre-Trib Rapture
  89. Is Brian McClarin A Univeralist Teacher
  90. Obama Presents Medals of Freedom "Star inside a circle"
  91. seventh-century muslim figure prediction....
  92. Gold Dust
  93. Organized Satanism More Dangerous Than Muslim Extremists Part 2
  94. New Movie: "Legion" (The worst blasphemy I have ever seen.)
  95. Billy Graham
  96. i have question about ther rapture.........
  97. Purpose Driven Gimmicks
  98. According to the LDS I Live Near The garden Of Eden???
  99. Were illuminati jews responsible for holocaust?
  100. Pope praises Obama.
  101. X-MEN" Ezekiel 9:1-11 marked during judgment
  102. Spirit of Antichrist about on all News sites
  103. Blasphemy Day
  104. Benny Hinn - Nightline - Under Senate Investigation
  105. In that day
  106. What is Religious Love...
  107. Todd Bently- Demonic epilepsy on Stage!!
  108. Dangers of false teaching
  109. The Heretical Teachings of Benny Hinn
  110. False prophet alert!
  111. Mormonism & JW's- how should we perceive it?
  112. Why Some Christians Attack with Accusations of "False Prophet"
  113. Is This A Problem???
  114. Naming Names
  115. Pleading the Blood of Jesus
  116. Know them by their Fruits!
  117. Third Temple
  118. Is there any reference to Holy Ghost Fire in the Scriptures.
  119. Breaking through the Brainwashing Forcefield
  120. Preparation for Suffering
  121. The Transformation of America
  122. Exposing subtle deception, Salem Communications
  123. Christian Zionism on the Skids; Rick Warrens to the Rescue?
  124. The Hegelian Dialectic
  125. Anyone remember the timing of this?
  126. The Dangers Of The New Age:Pagan Practices Glorified
  127. leaving catholicism
  128. Israel
  129. Alpha Course
  130. IHOP, wow...
  131. WARNING! Monica Dennington Tic Toc Ministries False Teacher Says Holy Spirit = A She
  132. Occult B & L
  133. Kim clement
  134. Uh Oh --Todd Bentley is back!!!
  135. I dunno, my discernometer is reading a big "NO" on these Win Worley deliverance vids
  136. Alice Bailey's 10 point plan to bring about the NWO reads like our recent history.
  137. Kim Clement at it again
  138. Sorry it was Steve Shultz
  139. Well I'm shocked!
  140. Church hosts early meeting of Oprah rebellion
  141. Hagee CUFI, Washington Summit, Masonic Symbolism
  142. The Family International
  143. How To Discern, Test & Judge Rightly
  144. The Khazar Jewish Plan -Stunning Letter Of 1928
  145. Project BlueBeam
  146. discernment needed more than ever
  147. Todd Bentley's Wife is Demon Possessed
  148. Heresy in High Places
  149. Interview on Ministry of Truth
  150. Trouble at Todd Bentley service?
  151. I spoke with Todd Bentley
  152. Cashless Society?
  153. Ravening Wolves and how to detect them
  154. The Snare, The Strong Delusion, The Beast System
  155. Interviews of those who came to rebuke Todd Bentley
  156. Todd Bentley Is Back Now Teaching Our Youth At Morningstar
  157. Doctrines of Demons
  158. Joel Osteens Prayer
  159. Mormons believe in becoming like the Creator!
  160. Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey
  161. Warning to the 'Apostles', -A. Strom
  162. The thousan years reign of Christ and His second coming
  163. Rick Joyner/Todd Bentley
  164. Casting out Demons "Deliverance" churches
  165. Nar!!!!
  166. The Church Growth Movement caused the Great Apostasy
  167. but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven.
  168. The Scoffing Church
  169. Put on your armor, this is foul and profane to our LORD.
  170. Obama and the Spirit of Antichrist? Part Two
  171. Mormonism --- Is It Heredical and Are It's Believers Saved?
  172. The Goddess and the Church
  173. Beware of this book!
  174. Someone's Testimony of coming out of Jehovah's Witnesses
  175. a jaguar and other vehicles drawing at Bay Area Fellowship Church. Bil Corneliu
  176. Warning! Satan's Agents on Fighting Fundamental Forums
  177. The line is clear Its us vs Them now
  178. It is a Masterpiece of Deception
  179. 26 End Time Signs
  180. David ells
  181. New David Ells Quotes
  182. "Satanic Attacks"... why didn't the disciples ever report this?
  183. witches praying..........
  184. occult symbols in Cathloic churches
  185. The lost books of the bible?
  186. Occult America
  187. Kabbalah and Zohar
  188. Anusim, Marranos Sabbatean Roundup
  189. Interfaith Forum
  190. Communitarianism and the Church Growth Movement (CGM)
  191. Jesus Culture Conference held at Masonic Hall
  192. Damnable heresies invading the church
  193. Era of Spiritual Darkness
  194. The Shack, that thing won't go away
  195. The Prophetic Movement - a warning
  196. Sign of Peace or Sign of War?
  197. Seeking answers to false teachings about a friend
  198. The New Apostolic Reformation NAR and ermergent church movements are melding into...
  199. Damnable Heresies
  200. Laughing in the Lord....
  201. EVEN the elect will be decieved...
  202. NAR book?
  203. Michael jackson revealed
  204. What Did You Say Paula White?!?! HERESY
  205. Heard of this?
  206. Has anyone heard of Hilton Sutton?
  207. Origins of the "Latter Rain" movement?
  208. Benny Hinn / Paula White - Having an Affair?? - Adulterers??
  209. Run!
  210. New "Faith" for the 21st Century
  211. The deception of Alcohics Anonymous!
  212. Benny Hinn needs $2 million dollars.
  213. Trinity Broadcasting Network
  214. Kansas City Prophets/ International House Of Prayer
  215. Only $5000 pens, bic pens are now allowed
  216. Iridology
  217. Say Goodbye to the Untouchable Preachers by Lee Grady
  218. Sex, drugs and rock n' roll in the Church
  219. Benny Hinn's latest offering...
  220. Commercials
  221. "Christian" conman
  222. Muslims are telling lies.
  223. John Bevere?
  224. Lying Evangelist Exposed! Hugh Marjoe Ross Gortner
  225. The Sleeping Prophet.........
  226. AA's wicked roots. Where did the serenity prayer come from?
  227. Illuminati card game from 1995/ w oil disaster included
  228. Solara 11:11
  229. Sorcery, Occultism, Witchcraft
  230. The Strong Delusion of God
  231. The Mess......
  232. Warning : Scary Church Happenings
  233. Dangerous Doctrines
  234. Emn
  235. God's Word Shines Light Upon End Time Apostasy
  236. Redefining Jesus Christ:
  237. What a demon said to me last night
  238. Witchcraft of the Narnia Chronicles, Another New Movie
  239. The "renewed spirit" fallacy (warning : man of sin inside)<
  240. John Piper Interview: Rick Warren is “Biblical” – “He’s Been Slandered
  241. Occult Illumination
  242. looking for THE ANTICHRIST delusion
  243. Futurequake expose on Alcoholics Anonymous!
  244. Statue of Mary "opens its eyes"....
  245. Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals
  246. Jesus Return Announced
  247. Keith Green had a powerful warning to share about the Catholic church.
  248. Input on Neil Anderson please....
  249. Cult watch...a cult I'd never heard of!
  250. Demons have entered the church full force