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  1. Evidence soon
  2. Book of Enoch
  3. A change of heart.....
  4. Palestinian/Israeli conflict
  5. This brother makes a sound argument for the Pre-Trib rapture.
  6. Dream of all hells fury being unleashed on earth…
  7. New Movie about no pre-Tribulation Rapture
  8. Celestial Song
  9. The Harbinger-A Matter of Critical Discernment
  10. Bonhoeffer
  11. Flee or Be Raptured First ?
  12. What you’ll see in the rebellion
  13. City in Alabama wants to confiscate guns during nat. disasters.
  14. Born again rap artist former gang member
  15. Christians, Catholics and The Catholic Church
  16. President Obama pictured with Phoenix rising behind both hands
  17. The Son of Perdition: Barack Hussein Obama
  18. Life Is A Gift From God
  19. Another Warning
  20. Exo-Vaticana - New Book
  21. Explaining the Rapture to the left behind
  22. Finding the real truth in the world today.
  23. Abombination of the Desolation
  24. Pre-trib rapture not taught in the Bible
  25. Should we discount their message?
  26. Sun, Moon, Stars
  27. An apology is in order
  28. Ryan Dobson on TruNews
  29. Obama at the throne of satan, June 19, 2013
  30. How to Explain Judgment on America
  31. What Does John Hagee Really Want? Chuck Baldwin
  32. Re Alex Jones
  33. Spirit of:
  34. Jonathan Kleck
  35. Literal 3rd Temple?
  36. Order of Events ?
  37. Cosmic Countdown
  38. Putin Controls the Chessboard
  39. Tribulation starts in 2014?
  40. NASA Future of Warfare
  41. The End of Mankind
  42. Possible emergency
  43. A very alarming alert on Steve Quayle today- America transformed by mid December
  44. Who is the antichrist? We finally know his name!!!
  45. GeoEngineering Presentation Well Done
  46. "Catholic Christians" Are Saved as Infants ?
  47. Interesting Video Presentation On Nephilim
  48. Mystery Bablylon? Jezebel?
  49. Lieutenant Charles Adelle Lewis Totten (1851 – 1908) on the seal of history
  50. Nisroch from the Old Testament
  51. Hubble Space Telescope picture of the New Jerusalem
  52. Please Tell Your Opinion Of The Things David Hodges Is Saying...
  53. Prepare for God
  54. Post-trib rapture is for sure...
  55. Creation vs. Evolution live debate w/ Ken Ham and Bill Nye
  56. Superbowl Shenanigans
  57. Duped again? 4 Blood Moons
  58. Length of tribulation
  59. Roots of Valentine's Day
  60. Scientists push for "Return" to the Moon..... maybe this time, for real
  61. Think GOD Gave Those Children to You ???.....Oh, No..... think Again
  62. Is there a demon called suffocation
  63. Top 10 Most Sinister PSYOPS Mission Patches
  64. Did I do it wrong?
  65. Speaking in tongues
  66. Christians and self-defense
  67. Christians and jokes
  68. Which one is it?
  69. Women who have sex Before Marriage should be Hanged
  70. India Makes it Official - "The Third Gender"
  71. Paul McGuire- Prophecy Of the Blood Moons (series, part 1)
  72. John Hagee mentions Rothchild Blvd in 4 Blood Moons Sermon
  73. 10 Worrying Facts About GM Foods
  74. Several resurrections???
  75. Jesus definitely punishes
  76. Double Whammy
  77. Prophetic Times Video
  78. Is there a restrainer in 2nd Thessalonians?
  79. Are we heading toward tyranny?
  80. Paul McGuire: Thinking Outside The Box At The End Of The World
  81. Don't work, Don't eat
  82. Come Out of Her My People
  83. Can demons attach themselves to inanimate objects?
  84. Public Flogging for a Peck on the Cheek
  85. Church heading to foreclosure
  86. BLOOD ON THE ALTAR, Tom Horn
  87. A Very Strange Story
  88. Harvey Milk Stamp
  89. Wonder what people think...
  90. Expelling demons still for today???
  91. Question about 2nd marriage
  92. Explain to me one more time, please
  93. corrie ten booms warning 1974 to churches re preparation / tribulation
  94. Another Pre-Trib Rapture Movie
  95. Alert
  96. How Much Longer Before The Collapse?
  97. Giving from want
  98. 26 Ideas From the Future
  99. Movie: Oranges and Sunshine
  100. UPDATED: Ice Bucket Challenge
  101. Exodus from the RCC?
  102. Debate: Dead or Demonic?
  103. Once saved always saved
  104. You say you want a revolution.
  105. Guardian Angels
  106. "Midnight hour is at hand" by Kevin Mirasi
  107. a vision concerning of the coming mega-quake in CA, USA
  108. Last President of America
  109. Lordship Salvation
  110. DOTL includes 7 trumpets & 7 bowls?
  111. TBN back in court.
  112. Wolf!
  113. 50 Shades of "Are you kidding me?"
  114. Abortion Protesters.
  115. Florist refuses to provide business service to same sex couple
  116. Revelation 12:1-2 - Stellarium Style
  117. The Shame of America's Gulag
  118. Woman Raised by Lesbian Couple: 'I Ached Every Day For a Dad'
  119. Does denomination divide?
  120. It's Still Bothering Me
  121. Fear for others
  122. Liberation Theology
  123. Obama Calls Jesus Cynical
  124. Left Behind
  125. Rapture dream
  126. Mena Lee Grebin
  127. Temple institute about to make an important announcement
  128. Is this far fetched or what?
  129. Dream : night before the blood moon
  130. Dream about Obama
  131. Strange Things Afoot for Fall
  132. The Apocrypha........And Other Lost Books Of The Bible
  133. This article originally appeared in the December 1983 issue of Charisma magazine.
  134. Silent scream
  135. John MacArthur rebuked on platform
  136. Muslim Refugees
  137. Sid Roth- It's Supernatural Oct.5th,2015
  138. She rebukes him!
  139. The Plan
  140. Brother Marcus was Killed by Witchcraft Curse
  141. 3rd Temple-ish
  142. Enoch The Great Scribe
  143. Liberals Make My Head Explode
  144. France-i-fied
  145. Another weird thing happened
  146. Four Horsemen
  147. Allah is male/female Isthtar is Lucifer - Cuneiform history
  148. Correction Versus Attack
  149. Musings on the Antichrist...Again.
  150. Is God like "Mama?"
  151. Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet 7X
  152. Human Fetus Cells Used By Major Processed Food MFG/Natural/Artificial Flavor Test
  153. The Classic FEMA-Clergy Connection
  154. Tree food
  155. What did I DO?
  156. My new Favorite Blogtalk Radio Show: Scott Hensler
  157. Golden State going for Record 73 wins...the Occult Golden message
  158. Salt and Pearls
  159. Courts of Heaven
  160. Deception
  161. Obama Who?
  162. All this taking place as we speak?
  163. The Smile
  164. Question on Scrolls already opened.
  165. Beast System?
  166. From a Science Channel: Protestors Return To Streets Across The US.
  167. In. Your. Face.
  168. Truth isn't nice
  169. What is with the U. S. Post Office ???
  170. Prophecies with a time frame
  171. Halloween