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  1. Chuck Baldwin
  2. Conservatives Will Lose Next Election
  3. dangers of obama
  4. OBAMA & McCAIN: Two Modern Day Godfathers
  5. Canadian Politics
  6. Hate Speech
  7. Obama funded foreign thug who promised Islamic state
  8. Obama Expects America to Die!!
  9. Voting for Snoopy
  10. Colin Powell speaks of a Coming Crisis in January! See Video
  11. Should Christians Vote?
  12. Biden Says that we will have a "generated crisis" in next 6 months! - see video
  13. Breaking news on Obama
  14. Are 401(k)s safe from congressional Democrats?
  15. It has been Confirmed !!
  16. Weekend Funnies
  17. Government to disclose clampdown on hate-preachers
  18. Are you living in the constitution free zone?
  19. Portable Cells for those on the Go !!?
  20. Important Facts for Regular Americans
  21. Riots Coming if Barack Obama loses!! Get ready for the Stormtroopers!!
  22. Its below my pay grade
  23. Choose Life
  24. Obama says in interview he will bankrupt the Coal Industry
  25. Ron Paul Senior Aide & Bob Barr backer,makes plea to Libertarians to back McCain
  26. Obama Says Not Being a Communist is Selfish
  27. Barack Obama on Energy Policy and Conservation
  28. Heat-ray crowd-buster
  29. Am I wrong to think this?
  30. Vaccinate at the Polls
  31. President Elect - Barack Obama has lined up his Cabinet to avoid a power vacuum
  32. Meet President Obama's Foreign Policy Advisor! Zbigniew Brzezinski
  33. Wash. voters approve assisted suicide initiative
  34. King Obama: Voice of Hope – Voice of Death!
  35. Art Katz - A Message For The Nations
  36. '...president elect was chosen long ago ..."
  37. Coming Youth Brigades - Tyranny and Police State - See Video!
  38. Ahmadinejad's letter to Obama
  39. King Obama Mocks the Bible
  40. Religious Right, R.I.P.
  41. How Christian voters have denied their faith
  42. Check this out. It'll make you laugh
  43. The Fairness Doctrine
  44. The Presidential Election 2008
  45. Obama's Currency
  46. "Forceful Actions" article
  47. To Be--or NOT To Be--The President
  48. Anarchy has come
  49. Hillary to be Sec. of State - History repeats...
  50. Did anyone else see this on Fox News Fri Nov 21st
  51. Obama Selecting the Most Anti-Life, Anti-Family Radicals He Can Find for Administrati
  52. ALERT!! - Why Oil Prices are Falling - Please LISTEN to this audio brethren!
  53. Did we learn nothing from Katrina?
  54. Some see God's will in Obama win
  55. Barackumentary
  56. Ignorance reigns supreme
  57. Obama The Trojan Horse
  58. "The Revealing of the Antichrist and the False Prophet"
  59. New Element Discovered
  60. Treachery Inside The
  61. Court won't review Obama's eligibility to serve
  62. Usurping the Usurper- IN- Chief.
  63. Fred Thompson on the economy
  64. Bush Says He Doubts Bible Literally True
  65. Our Constitution in Danger
  66. Where are Dobson and PCC now?: Chuck Baldwin
  67. Biblical Money
  68. U.S. Economy : The Philosopher's Stone
  69. Obama invites gay band to inaugural parade
  70. Rick Warren giving invocation at inauguration
  71. Inflation is good?
  72. "Are BHO's Symbols Symbolic?"
  73. With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise
  74. George S. Patton, America's greatest combat general of the Second World War, was assa
  75. Rick Warren talks to Muslim Group about Tolerance
  76. Supreme Court to Talk About Obama 3rd Time
  77. Patronize Christians!
  78. Empire - USA - There's no denying it!!
  79. Yes
  80. Is Constitutional Liberty threatened in America? If so, what does it mean?
  81. Concerning the senators
  82. Hamas says it wants to kill every last American
  83. The President of reconciliation
  84. Death Clouds Over a Lost Nation!
  86. Masses of Americans Under a Spell
  87. Obama retakes oath of office
  88. Federal imprisonment for christians right around the corner?
  89. Obama flashes irritation in press room..
  90. parlimentarian to stand trial for hate speach
  91. Mexico City Policy Reversal, A House Dividing
  92. White House plan for talk shows..
  93. Obama Stimulating the Abortion Industry
  94. Gerald Celente predicts disaster for 2009
  95. Obama Giving ACORN $5.2 Billion in Stimulus Funds
  96. Obama Administration Considers Pro-Euthanasia British-Style Health Care
  97. Gert Wilders Speech, Jan.25, 09
  98. Obama's Faith Based Office, We knew it was coming
  99. Faith Based "Partnerships" Selling Souls for Sake of Service
  100. The Stimulus Plan SCAM - Coming soon, Bankrupt USA
  101. We went to Black Water Road
  102. Food Police
  103. My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming of The Lord
  104. California Initiative Proposes Abolishing All Marriage from Law
  105. Glen Beck Ain't What He's Passing Himself Off As!
  106. Obama Deception Video - Watch Here!!
  107. The coming 2010 Census Fraud
  109. The OBAMA $100,000 Trazillion Gaquillion Plan!!
  110. HR 1388 - "Youth Corps" Bill Pases House
  111. "We Must Take Amercia Back"
  112. Alter of Zeus, Pergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany
  113. Obama wants control of Internet, Bills 773 & 778
  114. Tony Blair, first PERMANENT President of EU?
  115. Federal agency warns of radicals on right
  116. Tea Parties bother government and media
  117. Obama action figure
  118. Obama Will Quickly Give Palestinians State..
  119. The President Who Told The TRUTH
  120. I just found this going through my notes
  121. Anyone Interested?
  122. 100 days in office, coronated Messiah
  123. The Constitution of the United States of America
  124. H.R. 1913 PASSED but press silent
  125. 4 Phases of Economic Collapse
  126. Homeland agency pulled back extremism dictionary
  127. Obama to be prayer day no-show
  128. House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty
  129. Maine Governor Signs Bill Allowing Gay Marriage
  130. The GOP Must Divorce the Christian Right
  131. Obama: May is Jewish Heritage Month
  132. cartoon
  133. Pentagon Briefings No Longer Quote the Bible
  134. Video on impact of Hate Crimes Bill
  135. White House has it's own media - keeping out reporters
  136. Georgia Republican Wants Obama to Make 2010 Year of the Bible
  137. 'we're out of money'
  138. Bad Law for British Christians
  139. Deciphering Obama Abortion double-speak
  140. Antichrist
  141. Obama Promises Arabs Jerusalem will be theirs
  142. Hidden bill in HR 1388
  143. Obama wants to gives Saudi's Immunity for 9-11
  144. The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim Roots
  145. Cheney on gay marriage
  146. Senate Watch Hate Crimes Legislation
  147. News Anchor Bows to President?
  148. Who controls the entire world?
  149. Reflections on the church, Tinanmen Square and today's America
  150. Impact of national energy tax
  151. Oh My! I got an e-mail from Washington!
  152. John Perkin's "Confessions of a Hitman" videos
  153. Maybe Obama was right...
  154. How do we pray for our president?
  155. America's First Muslim President?
  156. When does America cross the line into socialism?
  157. Obama's Speech Revises History and Breeds Hatred against Jews
  158. Transformational marxism
  159. The Government Wants us to apologize
  160. The End Result of "O"
  161. Ahmadinejad commits the ultimate offense against Obama
  162. Statement to Obama
  163. Save Darfur
  164. Beware the obama 'evil eye'
  165. Hundreds of Gay Activists Gather at White House Today
  166. Taxpayer Abortions, anything BUT Federal (for now)
  167. Real ID Is Back as Pass Act S 1261
  168. This our wonderful Christian pres at work
  169. Nwo
  170. The US being internationalized
  171. Pope calls for "world political authority"
  172. Caritas in Veritate, Out of Context or Understood?
  173. American form of goverment
  174. Obama speech inspires mass Quran distribution
  175. Concentration Camps in America!
  176. H. J. Res. 57
  177. Obama's visit to Africa
  178. "Final" Space Missions
  179. Obama Frees Iranian Terror Masters
  180. North American Union driver's license created
  181. The new European Union - the Empire Returns?
  182. The Bill of Rights
  183. Obama's 'birth hospital' in astonishing cover-up
  184. National Debt Clock: real time
  185. Permanant reversal of Mexico City Policy enshrined by Senate
  186. Largest Expansion of Abortion since Roe vs Wade
  187. Torture - the truth
  188. Forced Vaccinations Coming
  189. Watson's Web Information For Our Time
  190. Palin Signs Alaska Sovereignty Resolution
  191. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
  192. Jerusalem Post - Obama's Real Agenda
  193. Obama declaring he can ignore legislation
  194. I was just sent this about HR 1388 that passed yesterday...please read...
  195. Guillotines on U.S. Soil !
  196. Is Obama in scripture
  197. Do not go on the gov car site
  198. Obama's Kenyan birth certificate is found...
  199. French General in charge of US Military
  200. Political Humor, Maybe!
  201. President Obama and his poicy?
  202. Obama Tells US Citizen Opposition to Shut Up--or Else
  203. Obama’s Will to Destroy Israel-Saturday, August 8, 2009
  204. Does `King of the World’ need a birth certificate?
  205. MCCAIN Eligible???
  206. Can't say the name of Jesus in public prayer
  207. Newdow is an atheist and an ordained minister of
  208. Watch Obama in this video.....=o( He has known Islam in 3 continents, he said...
  209. Pastor Manning: 'Obama's pure, unadulterated Evil'
  210. Glenn Beck On What's Happening
  211. Dancing With the New World Order
  212. Watch Marine Veteran At Town Hall Meeting
  213. Obama and Vaccine Makers Immunity
  214. Ri gov to shut down state government for 12 days
  215. Truth_About_The_Tyranny_of_Political_Correctness
  216. Obama's anti-Israel policy
  217. Obama’s Website: Disagree With Health Care, You’re a “Domestic Terrorist”
  218. JFK Secret Society Speech
  219. Gun confiscation is beginning
  220. Obama hosts dinner for Islamic holy month
  221. Growing Our Own Food? Maby! Big Government may not agree.
  222. True Meaning of The Pledge of Alligance!!
  223. White House to fly Red Chinese flag
  224. NEW Revised Pledge of Allegiance
  225. Caution: Objects in your Windshield are closer than they appear
  226. True Torah Jew persecuted in Israel
  227. Rep. Joe Wilson Yells Out "You Lie!" During Obama Health Care Speech
  228. Islam on Capitol Hill
  229. A Christian President? YOU LIE!
  230. MillionMedMarch Oct 1st Thursday D.C.
  231. Obama supports Patriotic Act Provisions
  232. DNC Promises Rain of Hellfire!
  233. A civil rights class.....to take....
  234. Australian PM Kevin Rudd calls on US to lead renewed world order
  235. No Treats From Obama
  236. INTERNET Ownership to change!!! (Downage?)
  237. Our soldiers are dying FOR Islam not Democracy
  238. Do Not Blame Barack
  239. Baptist, Brethren, Lutheran, Methodist Clergy Ask Senate for Abortion Funds
  240. The fruits of apostasy
  241. Still A Few Here Who Carry His Truth
  242. President of EU coming within weeks.
  243. Obama, Torah and the End of Days
  244. Sex Party plans counter-demo to prayer
  245. The treachery of america's church leaders
  246. The Obama American flag.
  247. New currency created, to challenge the US dollar (Paperless money...)
  248. Israel's Nehanyatu vows "Long fight against UN"
  249. NASA scientist caught 'spying' for Israel
  250. About China's quiet Military and SunTzu's ideology