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  1. Welcome and God Bless You All
  2. Prayer needed
  3. Pray for me please!
  4. Purging
  5. Hurricane Norbert in Mexico - please pray
  6. In everything give thanks!
  7. Debt
  8. Hurricane approaching mainland Mexico
  9. David Wilkerson Devotional - The Shelter in the time of storm!
  10. need prayers
  11. Hey all I need prayer!
  12. Prayer Request
  13. crossjordan7
  14. Prayer for employment
  15. A Music Treat by Keith Green - Watch videos in this forum!
  16. David Wilkerson Sermon On Weird Manifestations.
  17. Abortion Laws
  18. Holy, Holy, Holy by Keith Green - a video treat - Song for Josiah
  19. Help
  20. from an unknown author
  21. Sabbath
  22. Come
  23. Prayer for Anne's family
  24. crossjordan7
  25. Prayer Please!
  26. Missionary is kidnapped - Please pray!
  27. Love Song
  28. invitation to fast and pray sat- mon
  29. Jude
  30. I need prayer
  32. "A Crisis Hour of Weeping" - The Church Is In A Panic
  33. Prayer for Professor
  34. Praise You in this Storm
  35. American Prayer
  36. Psalm 27
  37. I Love God
  38. If we Trust in Him
  39. Lift up your head
  40. Praise AND Prayer
  41. Prodigal Son Music: by Benny Hester, Keith Green
  42. Please Pray for us
  43. Will be back in a few days..setting up house church
  44. need confirmation...
  45. My friend
  46. would you pray for my dad?
  47. prayer for safety
  48. Prayer Please!
  49. Need Prayer
  50. Thank all of you wonderful people
  51. The fields are white for harvest
  52. prayer request
  53. I believe I am hearing THIS!
  54. Prayer for my sister and her family, please!
  55. New update on sister's situation....
  56. Exhaustion
  57. Fear
  58. Pray for my husband
  59. Love and Respect: a word for marriages
  60. Please pray
  61. Merry christmas
  62. PLEASE pray with me ...
  63. Please pray
  64. Where are we headed
  65. The Most Important Commandment
  66. Am I my Brother's Keeper?
  67. Wonderful worship!
  68. thank you for your prayers God is Mighty to save
  69. Prayer for My daughter/grand daughter
  70. prayer for God's will
  71. Brothers and Sisters Please Pray for my Pastor and The Elders to see we are in Trib.
  72. Flag this message A Word of Encouagement For Those who are running this Race to Jesus
  73. A message to share
  74. sudden collapse of mexico possible
  75. Stock Market. Crash in-1857 Started a Lunchtime Prayer & A "Revival Started in NY
  76. family prayer
  77. a brother named Bob...
  78. Rory - This is for You with Heartfelt Prayer
  79. In regards in what is to come apon us The Lord gave me This Encouraging words
  80. pray for the forum
  81. Need prayer for a heart patient please!
  82. Fun Encouraging Day - with Fabric
  83. Please pray for me
  84. UPDATE Nathan's son Ethan will be okay - NO Salmonella
  85. Please Help I need Prayer Under Attack
  86. Please pray for us
  87. Encourge you to Keep on Keeping On
  88. Mexico decending into anarchy
  89. Prayer Request for Refuge Area
  90. Encouraging Word for The Body of Christ, Psalm 24 NKJV
  91. Please Pray for Us, that are preaching at Mardi Gras
  92. Prayer request
  93. Prayer request
  94. How Great is Our God!
  95. Worthy the Lamb
  96. Please pray for Linda
  97. All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
  98. prayer request
  99. One True God
  100. The CRY of the watchmans heart!
  101. URGENT - Dave in hospital - heart surgery!!!
  102. I'm Back!!
  103. I'd Rather Have Jesus
  104. Requesting Prayer for All the Stress of dealing with Moving sale ,people wishy washy,
  105. Please pray for Emma
  106. Father Blessed Father
  107. those who have need
  108. urgent prayer request
  109. VOM-USA Prayer Update for March 6, 2009
  110. Dave's Heart Surgery Today Monday Morning 3-9-09
  111. Please pray for Miss Thada
  112. Dave out of ICU in ONE DAY!!!
  113. The Buck Hunt
  114. fearless Sebastian, true to the end
  115. Vitus the valiant
  116. Vitus the valiant, a true saint
  117. prayer for my sister-in-law
  118. There will be a day
  119. My Mother's Last Wishes
  120. Pray for me? Can we nominate ourselves?
  121. VOM update 3/13/09
  122. please pray God gets ahold of my husband
  123. We couldn't do what He did
  124. Family has the stomach flu.
  125. Please Prayer for my Move to Midwest
  126. Please pray for Miss Thada
  127. please pray for my family
  128. Prayer for my daughter in abusive relationship
  129. here is one of The best Christian Worship radio station's Online Broadcast LIVE from
  130. There is a Fountain
  131. update from Mexico
  132. Munch needed prayer for Thada
  133. Needing prayer and warfare intercession
  134. reconciliation
  135. Prayer Request
  136. family's back home!
  137. VOM-USA Prayer Update
  138. Prayer for Nathan
  139. update to all those from RS that knew my situation (debylynne)
  140. Please Pray for me! driving Cross USA By Faith to Place of refuge of Believers !
  141. I'm thankful.
  142. Having a hard day at work? Encouragement
  143. scattering precious seed
  144. An incredible day in the field
  145. Prayer for Thada update
  146. Greetings and request
  147. The Wilderness of Prayer–Streams of Water–The City of God
  148. need prayer for burn victim
  149. The Church in Guaymas Mexico
  150. Pray For Melody
  151. Need God's wisdom
  152. God of All Comforts and the YES of God...2 Corinthians Chapter 1
  153. VOM-USA Prayer Update
  154. Need a word from the Lord
  155. bad storms here 2:20 central
  156. Please pray
  157. prayer for Mexico
  158. Moral dominion: Oswald Chambers
  159. Update from Juan ("needyone")
  160. Husband needs prayer!
  161. I'm amazed!
  162. Whoaaa
  163. VOM-USA Prayer Update
  164. Prayer about what to do
  165. In Holy Expectancy:
  166. Prayer needed
  167. church in Uzbekistan needs prayer
  168. Wisdom for the day 4/20/09 Proverbs 20
  169. This is what God has been laying on my heart...
  170. Prayer request specific to today
  171. Please Take Up The Call to Pray Healing For Our Sister In Christ
  172. Prayer request for emotional strength
  173. prayer request
  174. Asking for prayer requests for Friday Fasting
  175. Prayers please for my son and his family..
  176. prayer request from Robert
  177. VOM-USA Prayer Update
  178. Prayer request for husband
  179. The Storm
  180. Psalm 33
  181. Pray for sick daughter...
  182. Pray for Michael and these two toddlers
  183. Please pray for me
  184. Let me try this again one more time
  185. VOM–USA Prayer Update for May 1, 2009
  186. Help.....Please....
  187. Please show me...
  188. Building for Eternity
  190. Prayer to Find a Church
  191. Husband Having AngioGram Tomorrow
  192. Prayer for protection and guidance
  193. Prayer request for my oldest daughter
  194. Anyone have the time to list prayers for FridayFasting?
  195. An Intimate Message From Father God To You
  196. I am thanking and praising the Lord..
  197. 3 Day Journey
  198. VOM–USA Prayer Update for May 15, 2009
  199. Prayer for Brother-In-Law
  200. Please pray for our trip out East...
  201. Spirit of Offense
  202. Call for prayer on July 5...
  203. Please prayer for are young brother in Christ Traveling by Faith !
  204. Pray for Ingrid Schleuter
  205. need prayers for strength..
  206. Sing Praises Today
  207. VOM–USA Prayer Update for May 22, 2009
  208. Asking for immediate prayer for unsaved son, Pat
  209. Answered Prayer
  210. traveling to find my first born:COVET YR. PRAYERS
  211. Prayer Answered
  212. prayer for my family and a holiday trip many of them are takin
  213. A Lesson Well Learned....
  214. Please Pray for Yahweh's people
  215. VOM–USA Prayer Update for May 29, 2009
  216. Dainis Surgery Update
  217. Jean will come to N.J. for work trial!
  218. has anyone heard from Crossjordan?
  219. Encouraging Word from David Wilkerson's Son
  220. Prayer for co-worker
  221. If you have a heart for China - June 04 Solemn Assembly Prayer for China
  222. Young Child Resuurected from the Dead
  223. VOM–USA Prayer Update forJune 5, 2009
  224. Please pray for our trip
  225. URGENT request for prayer support
  226. Answers to Prayer as a Result of Fasting on Fridays
  227. A friend in need of Prayer
  228. A message from Brother Jacob
  229. Please Pray for me my Dear Saints in Christ !
  230. Pray for my Sister Please
  231. Roy just out of emergency room - please pray
  232. Urgent need for my friends fiance in hospital
  233. Thank you for your sounding the Alarm
  234. Please pray for me..
  235. Prayers for my husband
  236. Prayer for my children
  237. Create in me a clean heart, O God...
  238. David Wilkerson's daily devotional
  239. VOM–USA Prayer Update for June 26, 2009
  240. Ulser Surgery/Strength and Comfort
  241. Prayer needed
  242. Children & Updates
  243. Bad accident...
  244. Prayer Request
  245. God Knows! - David Wilkerson - This brought me to tears
  246. Husband traveling to Germany
  247. We fall down, we lay our crowns
  248. David Wilkerson devotional
  249. A Pastor With Guts
  250. Yay!