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Old 10-03-2016, 05:52 PM
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Default In. Your. Face.

I was on Twitter today for just a minute, and a promotional ad popped up for a new t-shirt. It's for a band called "Pierce the Veil." It shows a woman from their video for the song "Collide With The Sky" being abducted by an alien craft.

Aliens have been very popular, so I get that, but the band's name is a new one on me. The dictionary that pops up on Google says it means to "get to the heart of the problem," but we all know there is a different meaning to this.

Sometimes I feel like I live in a bizarro world. I saw a "Twilight Zone" episode once where a lady says a different word for a common word -- like dinosaur for dinner for example. The main character tries to correct her, and the lady looks at him like he's crazy. Pretty soon all the other characters are doing it too -- saying completely different words for the common words we all know. By the end, they are speaking complete gibberish, and the main character sort of gives up and starts to attempt to read a child's story book to learn the new language everyone is speaking. It's like those of us who are awake see something clearly that no one else gets. If we were to say something to regular people, they might think we're crazy or some kind of conspiracy nut, but it's starting to happen more and more often -- and nobody notices! We see truth, but by the numbers, it's made to look like a lie.

Greek Girl
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