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Default Unbelievable story, but it's true

One of the docs told me this story yesterday. It is unbelievable! My jaw dropped as he shared the details.

Many years ago (like 20-30), he had a terminal patient. Family decided they wanted to stop treatment and let him die in peace.

Several years later, dr. was waiting on the elevator when a man said, "Do you remember _____?" (The terminal patient from above)

Dr. said, "Yes." Man said, "He was my father and you let him die. You %*)#%@, if I ever catch you outside, I'll kill you!"

Dr. went to PD to speak with them, and they did a background check. Sure enough -- the man had just been released from prison -- for murder! And that is why he wasn't there to help make health care decisions for his father.

Dr. said, "Oh, that's not the end of it. He's one of my patients now!" I was like and all at the same time because I was totally not expecting that last line, and this dr. can drop comments like that with such a dry sense of humor that it catches you totally off guard.

Dr. did tell me that he honestly thinks the man has either forgotten the threat he made, or he doesn't remember that he is the same dr. who 'let his dad die.'
Even so, Come Lord Jesus,
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We will either dwell in the secret place of the Most High or our flesh will make us want to hide things in secret. -- Nathan Leal
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