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Default Have we reached the point of no return?

The link below will take you to what I reported here on WMC earlier this year. Over the last 8 years I have been seeking God in prayer what these 3 dreams meant. Now was it me just having another dream I don't think so, each dream was in vivid color and so real to life, I felt right there in person.
There has been so much speculation on my part as I watched each day go by as Gods Watchman, because the Main Stream Media was reporting a global collapse in currency and threats of world warlll and a NWO controlling everything. Well over the last 8 years none of this happened, just a lot of us playing the guessing game, as the world became more and more wicket, and False Flag evens popped up in America and round the world.

What I'm about to say is what I feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to me, not Thus Saith the Lord or anything like that, just good common sense, we all have when we have our Spiritual eyes and ears open, that God has given all of his Believers. Our God is God and He has total control, but He will allow judgements to take place upon the wicket.

Dream # 1 Famine

This dream is all about getting ready and being prepared for what is about to take place. The Black Horse represents Death and Famine on America soil and around the world. Now that Black Horse my Daddy was holding up it's right front leg checking something, because there was something wrong and it needed time to heal. Dear Saints that leg has healed it's READY to Run across America no stopping it, the time has come and a NWO is about to take control.

Dream #2 Economic Collapse

This dream is all about our currency forcing us over the cliff, the world is going see Big changes as the NWO takes control and not just the USD will change but all the world currencies will have to abide by their System if your to Buy and Sell anything. The water at the bottom of the cliff represents the people of the world, this affects us all, again be ready, because our opportunity to acquire the needed material is about gone. It took me a long time to reach the bottom of the lake and return to the surface, but the time is now.

The Lord said to me in a Loud voice 45 as I surfaced the water, I believe now that what I'm saying here happens soon after the 45th election, between Trump and Hillary, I do not believe it makes any difference who wins this election, nothing will stop it. The only other thing that happened in the dream was, when I reached the surface of the water I swam left to safety, this could mean Hillary wins, and the left will control our Government.

Dream #3 Church Persecution

This dream was all about you and me as Believers in Jesus Christ, as I saw "THE BOOK of ACTS" in big bold letters, looking up to heaven. It won't be long now, before the Believing Church of God will go into hiding. We will soon need away to communicate with each other, because the Internet and other types of communication, will not exist without Governments controlling what is being allowed for all to hear and say. The Lord told me long ago, how much Faith will I find on the earth when He returns? Jesus also said He would bring His Church through the Fire without Spot and Wrinkle, that's when I new I was not going home until the the Last Trumpet sounds. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, the things that God has prepared for them who love Him.

God Bless


Dream # 1 Oct. 2008

I was in a house that looked like our old house that I grew up in as a
kid. There was some rooms that did look different.
I was setting on the couch talking to my dad, but can not remember what
we were talking about. I remember my brother and mother was there also, but
mother was there just for a moment as I was talking to dad on the couch.
It seem that some where in the house there was a room that had a big
black horse in it maybe a barn attached to the house I don't know.

Next thing that happened was my brother and I where setting up in bed
looking out this wide door way at dad and the horse. Now dad was holding
the right front leg of the horse up in his left hand and checking it for
some thing and rubbing the horses leg with his right hand. Dad did not
say any thing but kept his attention on the horses right front leg.
I did notice something that got my attention the horses tail was sort
of out like he was ready to run. What I could see of the horse it was a
big beautiful black horse like a stallion maybe.

I was in bed and my brother was next to me and I could see dad in the
next room with the horse. I said to my brother don't dad look good for
being 103 years old. My brother looked at me kind of funny I did not
know that he could not see dad.

My brother said to me we put dad in the
ground back in the 70's and again from the bed I could see dad still
rubbing the horses right front leg. End of Dream

Dream # 2 Oct. 2008

I'm standing on the edge of a very high cliff, looking down to the water below, like looking down into a old banded rock quarry, I noticed a wooded dock off to the right, I was attempting to fine the deepest part in the water below so I could survive the jump, because what ever was happening behind me gave no choice but to jump, a mighty storm coming maybe. I chose to jump close to the dock with my hands up over my head, feet first, into the water, inhaling air in my lungs just before hitting the water. Now as I was sinking deeper and deeper into the water, it seem like a long time before my feet touched the bottom, then pushing up with my legs as hard as I could, I cried out Lord help me don't let me drown, as I reached the surface of the water, I heard the Lord say out loud 45, then I swam left to safety, end of dream.

Dream # 3 Oct. 2008

As I was looking up to heaven, there it was in the biggest bold letters I ever saw, "THE BOOK of ACTS" end of dream.

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Blessings to you Arrowcreek,

Thank you for sharing your dreams and the three titles:
Famine, Economic Collapse, and Church Persecution
also echo what the LORD has/is showing me....

Your Quote:
"Well over the last 8 years none of this happened"

Friend, do you know how many families/persons already are deeply struggling financially? How many households are unemployed/underemployed or on public assistance and/or making great sacrifices to make ends meet? We get new people coming to our local food cupboard every month...The Economic Collapse is you know how insolvent the "big" banks are? Does anyone else see the cost of living rising each year?
healthcare? taxes? No to mention the national debt....

There is so much corruption, at so many levels, it is very difficult to have a decent paying job with even tolerable work environments....

WWIII, Do you see the Middle East is so volatile? Civil wars are rampant in Africa... The fuses are lit and burning in numerous places..
It is already nation against nation...there are movements of troops nearly everywhere...

Things are coming to a head...

From my vantage point I have seen things greatly escalate over the last 8 years and more...

For what it is worth, in August 2015, the LORD showed me in a dream
This word, I saw the first line of this word written in Constitutional like font

America You have crossed the point of no return
You will reap what you have sown
For so how you have treated my little children*
so will you be treated
Your borders will be broken
and flushed with water**

*little children- the unborn, all children, Israel, God's children (Jew and Gentile)

**Record USA floods Sept 2015-this present time

Also if our country stands down and does not veto a dividing of Israel UN declaration/law, I believe we may see a huge earthquake....

The LORD showed me a dream recently
A Bible open to Daniel 11:39
"dividing the land for gain"
I heard in the Spirit
"ripped at the seams"
I believe this to mean an earthquake judgment for doing that to Israel

God is merciful and very patient
He is Holy...

If a people/nation/culture reject the LORD's Word for our lives
He will allow what ever means He knows best
to get His people right with Him
He knows how to separate the tares from the wheat (Matthew 13)

Sowing to the sinful nature = corruption
Sowing to the Spirit = everlasting Life
Gal. 6:8

I believe that there is a still a harvest of new believers to come
and many lukewarm believers are going to repent....
many are going to be purified and made white...Daniel 12:10
but the cost is going to be great...

The LORD knows His Remnant Believers
The LORD knows who are His 2 Tim 2:19

I agree with you about ACTS (like the book of Acts)
Seeing beginning to happen already, yes....

"The LORD is near to them that are of a broken heart
and saves such as be of a contrite spirit." Psalm 34:18

The LORD bless you Arrowcreek and all who love the LORD!
Sending God's Love and Blessing to all of you, in JESUS Name amen!
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